Metro Ortem Ltd is one of the leading ceiling fans manufacture & supplier company in India. Its high quality fans are designed to provide maximum air moving efficiency and improved comfort.
Metro Ortem Ltd is a leading ceiling fan manufacturer in India. The company is known for manufacturing high quality, original and authentic ceiling fans for houses, offices, kitchens, large rooms.
Metro Ortem Ltd brings for your health and well-being an impressive collection of energy efficient portable exhaust fans with stylish designs for bathroom and kitchen.
Metro Ortem offers an exhaustive range of trendy Ceiling fans in India. These fans with high power motor and aerodynamically balanced wider blades can provide maximum comfort in hot summers.
DURO is one of the leading termite resistant plywood brands in India with quality-oriented in-house manufacturing processes for 100% customer satisfaction. Plywood is used in walls decoration.
Duro marine 19mm Plywood by Sarda is the best quality marine plywood for use in woodwork for kitchens, bathrooms, panel inserts, exposed cabins and partitions.
Made with the highest quality waterproof hardwood plywood, DURO Pumaply is an all-weather proof and water resistant plywood that can be used in furniture, bathroom , kitchen, etc.
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